Self Portrait 36 x 48 Oil on Canvas

      Janelle Murraine is a self-taught artist who has for the past four years been mentored by many amazing artists, but mostly dedicating her time and effort to learning and practicing as much as possible on her own.  Leaving a career in the behavioral health and social services arena behind her she is devoted to creating an artistic experience that fully explores her unique sense of creativity and artistry.  She is currently a freelance artist accepting commissions and participating in local art exhibitions.

      Within the last four years of Janelle J Murraine’s Art Career has allowed her to explore her creative side.  She focuses on utilizing her creativity through a combination of color, realism, and symbolism to depict the raw, vulnerable, spiritual, and surreal nature of humanity.  Her work has been accepted by Lemoyne Arts Museum, the Virgin Islands Council of the Arts, 621 Art Gallery, & Havana Main Street’s AHA (Artist Helping Artist).  Her work is currently featured at the Omega Lamplighters Tallahassee and at the Goodwood Museum’s Soulful Restaurant.