MurraineArt  LLC 


Self Portrait 36x48 Oil on Canvas

Three years ago, I decided to get to know myself a little bit better; after a lot of soul searching, I discovered I had a gift for being creative. I love creating, at age 11 I was sewing free-hand and writing poems; I was drawing in my sketch book, which at the time I did not believe was a big deal, I was crocheting doilies and blankets...just about anything that was a creative outlet.  Never painted though, except once when I was 5yrs. old in an elementary art class. I recall the art teacher being impressed and saying that I was better than most artist she knew.  I digress, my soul searching, nonetheless, set the path towards working hard to becoming my best self and thus, I decided that I would be an artist and begin painting.   It is, for me, the best expression of who I am. Without any previous know-how, I left my former career behind, picked up photography, and focused on developing my painting skills.  What I love about painting is that I can be vulnerable, I can be creative, & I can be exactly who I intend to be unapologetically.  Who would have thought that this young woman from the Virgin Islands who graduated from FAMU with a psychology degree after spending over a decade working in her career field would become an artist?   

                           -Janelle J Murraine

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